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North Pole
(Best visiting period: July – August)

To adventure to the North Pole, the meaningful and valuable journey, is not only to challenge the distinct goal in mind of lifetime, but to be one of the privileged few to stand at the top of the world. According to the record, there is only about 10,000 passengers to have set their foot at 90˚ north, the pure beauty of nature at the spot of our planet. No wonder, the voyage is called “To Challenge the Top of the World.”

Arctic 80
(Best visiting period: June – August)

If the North Pole Expedition is not in your mind yet and the Arctic is your lifetime goal and target, Carol, the Polar Expert, recommends the voyage to “the 80˚ North- Spitsbergen,” exploring Svalbard, the home of polar bears, which will be the best choice in your destination-oriented traveling plan.

Greenland & Aurora Borealis
(Best visiting period: September)

Voyage to Greenland, we will attempt to sail through the sea ice. Approaching Scoresby Sund, where we may observe the Aurora Borealis. In the evening we continue our sailing through the beautiful fjords, choked with icebergs. We cross the Arctic Circle, perhaps seeing whales. The whole day at sea offers excellent opportunities to see large whales and seabird migration and, at night the Aurora borealis (Northern Lights).

Kamchatka: Russia's Ring of Fire
(Best visiting period: June)

The Pacific Ring of Fire manifests itself in numerous places on the rim of the Pacific Ocean - but nowhere more dramatically than in Russia's Far East. Along one of the world's most active plate boundaries, the Pacific plate subducts under the North American plate and the resulting volcanic and geothermal activity has built a unique and amazing landscape.

Icelandic Mosaic
(Best visiting period: June - July)

Discover Iceland and the Arctic Circle, and follow in the footsteps of the Vikings with this brand new cruise. We will reach the Arctic Circle, as well as the small and remote island of Grimsey. Here it is the kingdom of birds such as guillemots and puffins. Its volcanic rock forms splendid basaltic columns in certain areas.

Polar Bears on Baffin Island
(Best visiting period: March - April)

The most adventurous Arctic photo safari brings you into the heart of the high Arctic in early spring, where travellers seldom go. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains and soaring icebergs, experience polar bears close-up in undisturbed splendor as they venture on to the sea ice and climb majestic icebergs. Capture memories of a lifetime with possible sightings of mother and cubs, ice bergs and witness the incredible Northern Lights in the evening.

Migration of Beluga and Narwhal
(Best visiting period: June)

Stimulate all your senses in the region world-renowned as one of the most prolific wildlife areas in the Arctic. Witness the migration of the beluga and narwhal to their summer feeding grounds – a rare privilege – and experience the narwhal and beluga watching at the floe edge of Lancaster Sound.

Northwest Passage
(Best visiting period: August - September)

Setting sail for the Far North, well beyond the Arctic Circle. In Summer, for a few short weeks, the temperature rises enough for the ice to melt. Life reappears, nature is reborn, the mythical route is finally free and we can breathe in the unique scent of great adventure.

Polar Bears Up-Close
(Best visiting period: Oct - Nov)

This is an exclusive polar bear photography tour and a rare opportunity. This cabin-based photo safari is specially designed to get you close to one of the world’s most magnificent predators in their natural habitat.

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